Culture and Language Workshops

Foreign Language Centre (CNJO) and Fulbright grantee Katelyn Bustin
cordially invites all the students to

Culture and Language Workshops


Wednesdays 18:00-19:30
Speed Dating
American Small talk
room: 1.17

Lancaster County, PA: Learn about the Amish
Amish culture and life
Life in this area
Pennsylvania as a whole
room: 1.17

Christmas Holidays in the United States
Religion based (Christmas/Hannukah)
Traditions and food
Sweets and muic
room: 01.11

Creative Writing: Fun writing!
Types of poetry, short stories, fiction
Time to practice and write your own!
room: 01.11

Collocations and Idioms in the English Language
Collocations: Common expressions found in writing (widely available)
Fun idioms that are spoken naturally  (Don’t put all your eggs in one basket)
Drawings/actions to represent idioms
room: 01.11

Politics/Government in the US
General government layout
How government works
Political parties
Recap 2016 election
New president in office
room: 1.20


venue:  Centrum Kliniczno-Dydaktyczne Uniwersytet Medycznego, Pomorska 251

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