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Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund Scholarship Programmes 2018/2019

Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund
Scholarship Programmes 2018/2019

Closing Date for Applications:
17.00hrs Monday January 14th 2019

Call for Scholarship Applications
1. Edinburgh Thoracic CT course 2nd &3rd April 2019 and
2. Edinburgh Level 2 Cardiac CT course 1st -5th April 2019

The Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund supports a thriving scholarship programme which enables successful applicants to undertake a period of further study or research at The University of Edinburgh Medical School and related institutions.

The Courses: The Edinburgh Level 2 Cardiac and the Edinburgh Thoracic CT courses are delivered by experts in the field and are highly popular. Feedback from previous participants is very positive. Places on the course will be limited. For further information on the courses go to: https://www.ct-academy.org/

The Scholarships: A total of 4 scholarships, 2 for each course, will be available. The Course fee will be paid at the trainee rate and accommodation (see below for each course) will be arranged by the Coordinator and will be on a single room bed and breakfast basis at Pollock Halls of Residence. These scholarships do not cover travel to and from Poland.

Edinburgh Thoracic CT course 2nd & 3rd April 2019
Accommodation will be provided for up to 4 nights, from Sunday 31st March/ Monday 1st April 2019 to the morning of Thursday4th /Friday 5th April 2019.

Edinburgh Level 2 Cardiac CT course 1st 5th April 2019
Accommodation for up to 8 nights, that is from Sunday 31st March 2019– to the morning of Sunday7th April 2019.

These scholarships are open to Polish medical doctors in training involved in cardiovascular imaging who are:

  • in their early career (usually within 10 years of their medical graduation – MB ChB equivalent)
  • working in Polish Medical Academies/Universities and Research Institutes
  • committed to the further development of expertise in the field of cardiovascular imaging in Poland and
  • have excellent mastery of English .

Successful applicants are:
• expected to meet the general criteria for the award of these scholarships;
• attend the full course, not arrive late and/or depart early;
• submit a short report of their experience on the course by e-mail to the Scholarships Coordinator within one month of its completion

The expectation and intention of the founders of both The Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund and the Boloz-Kulesza Trust Fund Scholarship Programmes are that successful applicants will return to their units/ departments in Poland on completion of their attachment/studies, use their new found skills to further enhance and develop Polish medicine including medical research and thus foster academic links between Polish Medical Universities and Research Institutes and The University of Edinburgh.

Closing date for scholarship applications: 17.00hrs Monday 28th January 2019
Late applications will not be considered

Please note: There is a separate application process for the course itself applicants will be given the relevant information if their scholarship application is successful.

How to Apply
1. Applications should be sent electronically to the Scholarship Coordinator, Dr Maria Dlugolecka-Graham MBE (e-mail:maria.graham@ed.ac.uk) by the closing date (28th January 2019). Late applications will NOT be considered
2. Applicants must submit the following documents in support of their application:

  • An up-to-date CV giving adequate information about their expertise and training in cardiology to date. A list of dates and posts held will not suffice;
  • A letter of support from their Rektor or vice- rector;
  • Documentary evidence of having an adequate mastery of English. Where no externally validated certificate ( eg IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency Certificate or equivalent is available, applicants will be required to undergo a Skype or telephone interview to establish the level of their English language skills Applicants must indicate that they agree to this assessment in their scholarship application..
  • A statement (of no more than 500 words) of why they wish to be considered for a scholarship and how they personally and their department are likely to benefit from their participation in the course
  • A signed statement agreeing that they will write a short report of their experience on the course and submit it, by e-mail, to the scholarship coordinator within 1 month of completing the course.
  • Note: A template for preparing the report is available but scholars are not obliged to use it.

Closing date for applications: 17.00hrs Monday 28th January 2019

For enquiries about applying for these scholarships, please contact:

Dr Maria Dlugolecka-Graham MBE
Polish School of Medicine Coordinator for The University of Edinburgh
College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine The University of Edinburgh,
Room SU205, Chancellors Building
49 Little France Crescent
Edinburgh EH16 4SB UK
e-mail: maria.graham@ed.ac.uk

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